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About us

Realisations :

In France, DERBESSE DELPLANQUE ARCHITECTES & ASSOCIES is being entrusted with a variety of projects like:

  • residential programmes,
  • office buildings, as headquarters or call centers,
  • public equipments, like schools, sports halls, music academy, police station, etc…
  • urban design programmes,
  • interior design architecture for conference rooms, company cafeterias…

Abroad, DERBESSE DELPLANQUE INTERNATIONAL has completed the extension of the French Embassy in Jordan.
Next to this prestigious project, the agency has created large scale public and private buildings (museums, banks, opera...) in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, a newly independent country.
In Moscow and Budapest, the agency has studied and realised shopping centres projects as in Budapest where Kerepesi is the largest shopping centre in Hungary.

Parking lots: with BDA, you will find a high tech expertise in public parking lots (infrastructure or superstructure), which takes into account geological specifications as well as underground clutters, urban environment, density, history…
In that respect, in down-town Chartres, France (1000-space car park) or in Paris Hotel de Ville, archaeological elements are being exploited to contribute to a pleasant atmosphere.